Academics - School Hours


1.         School Timing                   

            (a)       Winter Session         -           From 09:30 AM till 03.00 PM

            (b)       Summer Session      -           From 09:00 AM till 02:30 PM

2.         Daily Schedule.

            (a)       Morning Assembly .     Morning assembly will be conducted daily from 0930-1000h and will include :-

                       (i)         School Prayer                       - “Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum”       

                       (ii)        News Reading

                       (iii)       Thought of the day.

                       (iv)       National Anthem.

                       (v)       Salutation                              - “Jai Hind”

            (b)       Zero period.     Zero period will be for attendance/ fee collection, Dress,  hygiene inspection and health inspection.

            (c)        Academic period.     Total 06 periods, each of 40 min duration will be taken as per time table.