Admission Procedure

1.         Tender Feet School follows the standardized admission procedure as recommended for Jammu and Kashmir Education Board Affilated Schools and as per the standards and procedures set forth by State Governments and amended from time to time.

2.         Admission procedure shall be carried out at the beginning of academic year.  However special case for admission will be considered on discretion of Management Committee.

3.         At the start of academic year, class wise vacancies shall be advertised, till the last date of submission of application form.

4.         An entrance test shall be conducted for all applicants on a nominated date from the subjects of previous class.  The aim of entrance test will be to ascertain present level at which the child should be admitted in school.   A merit list of applicants passing the entrance exam will be made and admission will be given on the basis of merit list to fill vacancies in a particular class.

5.         If an applicant after selection does not perform satisfactorily than he may be demoted to lower std, after informing parents of the students.

6.         Fee Structure. 

            (a)       Tuition fee.    Class wise fee structure for the academic year 2019-20 will be as under:-

                       (i)         Nursery to UKG            - Rs 300/- pm.

                       (ii)        1st to 3rd                     - Rs 400/- pm.

                       (iii)       4th to 6th                     - Rs 500/- pm.

                       (iv)       7th to 8th                      - Rs 600/- pm.

             (b)       Fee Structure.         Fee structure are as under :-

                       (i)         Admission Fee                - Rs 750/- (Non Refundable).

                       (ii)        Annual Fee                     - Rs 600/- (Non Refundable).

                       (iii)       Security Deposit              - Rs 500/- (Refundable on withdrawal of  the child subject to clearance of all dues).                         

                       (iv)       School Development Fee.      Rs 300/- on account of school development fee shall be taken from new students at the time of admission.

Note :-  Any revision of fee structure will be done only after the due approval from the Governing Body