About Us - Education Policy


1.         A minimum of 80% attendance in theory and 90% attendance in practicals is mandatory for students to appear in final exams. 

2.         On medical grounds 15% attendance can be exempted in both theory and practical on submission of medical documents.

3.         Fee Structure.

            (a)       Admission Fee                        - Rs 750/- (Non Refundable).

            (b)       Annual Fee                             - Rs 600/-. 

            (c)       Security Deposit                     - Rs 500/- (Refundable on withdrawal of the child & is subject to clearance of all dues).                                         

            (d)       School Development Fee.      Rs 300/- on account of school development fee shall be taken from new students at the time of admission.

            (e)       Tuition fee.    Class wise fee structure for the academic year 2019-20 will be as under:-

                        (i)         Nursery to UKG            - Rs 300/- pm.

                        (ii)        1st to 3rd                     - Rs 400/- pm.

                        (iii)       4th to 6th                     - Rs 500/- pm.

                        (iv)       7th to 8th                      - Rs 600/- pm.

 Note :-  Any revision of fee structure will be done only after the due approval of the Governing Body.

 4.         Late Fees.

            (a)       Upto 15 days - Nil.

            (b)       More than 15 days - Rs 20-/ per day upto 30 days. After 30 days the registration of student will be cancelled and will be subjected to re-admission

             with all charges applicable.

5.         Schedule for Depositing of Fees.         

            (a)       Admission and Annual fees will be charged as one time charge at the time of admission.

            (b)       Tuition fees will be paid at the beginning of every quarter on dates fixed in consultation with the bank.

            (c)        All charges are non -refundable except Security Deposit.      

6.         Expulsion/Rustication.

            (a)       A student can be rusticated/expelled from the school on the following basis :-

                            (i)        On Disciplinary Ground.     - Delinquent behavior/ Disobedience/Inadequate attendance.

                       (ii)        On Academic Ground.         - Poor academic performance. 

                       (iii)       Parents shall be duly warned in advance before expulsion/ rustication of students. However the decision of Management Committee shall be                           final.

7.    Fee Concession.    Following types of fee concessions are granted:-

             (a)       Full Concession.    Shall be granted to the following:-

                        (i)         Orphan child.

                        (ii)        Child of widow.

                        (iii)       Mine casualty.

                        (iv)       Victim of terrorism.

                        (v)        Below Poverty Line (BPL).

             (b)       Partial Concession.     For more than two children from a home the first two shall pay the full fee and the remaining shall be granted 50%                             concession of lower class students.

             (c)        Subsidy to students belonging to BPL families will be given on discretion of Management Committee.  However this should be sanctioned by the                      Director on noting.

8.         Students.

             (a)       The affairs of the school shall be so conducted as to promote self - discipline leading to decent and orderly behaviour to maintaine high morale in the                institution and to build up traditions that is cherished by all the people in society.

             (b)       The observance of rules of discipline and good behaviour shall be a  pre- condition to a student’s continuance in the school. In the event of serious                   breach of discipline by student if the Principal is convinced that the continuance of the student in the school is likely to be detrimental to the discipline of                   the school, he/ she may expel him/ her with due concurrence of the Management Committee.

9.         Striking off Name from the Rolls of the School.         The following procedure shall be adopted for striking off the name of a student from the rolls of the school :-

            (a)       If the defaulters fail to pay fees and fine within one month after the expiry of the due date, the Principal will send a warning letter to the parents.

            (b)       If fees plus fine are not paid for three consecutive months, the name of child will be struck off the school rolls, without any further notice.

10.       Form of Disciplinary Measures.      The following shall be the disciplinary measures which will be adopted by the school for students who have attained the age of fourteen years:-

            (a)       Fine.

            (b)       Rustication.

            (c)        Expulsion.

11.       Fine.   Fine may be imposed on a student who has attained the age of fourteen years in the following cases:-

            (a)       Late attendance.

            (b)       Absence from class without proper application from the parents or guardian.

            (c)        Truancy.

            (d)       Willful damage to school property.

            (e)       Delay in payment of school fees and dues.

12.       Expulsion.      The students can be expelled on disciplinary grounds from the school and will not be readmitted.

13.       Rustication.     Wherever student is rusticated, he/ she will not be admitted to the school till expiry of the period of rustication.

14.       No student shall be expelled or rusticated from the school till the time parents or guardians of the student are given a reasonable opportunity to act against the proposed action.

15.       Corporal Punishment.      Corporal punishment is banned in TFS Keri.