About Us - History

Tender Feet School, Keri was established in Dec 2007 as part of SADBHAVANA PROJECT undertaken by Indian Army in order to establish good rapport with the locals and bring them into the national mainstream by imparting quality education to children. Land. The land measuring 2 Kanals 10 Mls was donated by Sh. Kasthuri Lal S/o Sh Amar Nath R/O Keri Manyalan for construction of the school.

Initially two class rooms were constructed under Operation Sadbhavana project for the FY 2008-09 for ` 5, 00,000/- (Rupees five lakhs only) and thereafter three class rooms were constructed for the FY 2009-10 for ` 10, 00,000/- (Rupees ten lakhs only) by 2 SIKH LI. Two more class rooms were constr under Op Sadn for the FY 2014-15 for ` 12,70,000/- (Rupees twelve lakhs seventy thousand only) by 7 SIKH and one staff room from school fund. Boundry wall and Constr of approx 275m of stone pitched pathway from Keri Adm base to the school with unit effort. Construction of 02 x Toilets for Boys and 02 x Toilets for Girls under Op Sadn and One more class room were constr under Sadn for the FY 2016-17 for ` 7,00,000/- (Rupees seven lakhs) by 2 SIKH. The school has nine classes from Nur to VII and a subscription of 181 students. Presently nine teachers and one maid are employed with school for smooth functioning. Present Infrastructure as under :- 

(i) Class Rooms - 09

(ii) Staff Room - 01

(iii) Computer Lab & Science Lab.

(iv) School Tpt - 03 x DD veh are playing.